Professional oral care … a great value, an exceptional investment in your canine companion’s overall health

Your dog’s mouth is the gateway to their health. The health of our canine companions’ teeth and gums can both reflect and affect their overall systemic health, well-being, and quality of life. For this reason, our skilled veterinary team at Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital & Grooming in Riverview prioritizes professional teeth cleaning as part of our pet patients’ preventive care routine. For our patients and clients in Wesley Chapel, Ybor City, Bloomingdale, Brandon, and the greater Tampa Bay area, proactive dental cleanings are an affordable alternative to more costly, traumatic, and time-consuming services to treat existing problems. These problems can result in the need for dental treatment and treatment of those associated with canine oral conditions. 

During routine “well” exams, we check from “nose to tail.” So, we examine the teeth, gums, and mouth and address your pup’s needs accordingly. General steps during the cleaning part of the process include gently and precisely removing stubborn plaque build-up (tartar) with an ultrasonic cleaner, applying an antibacterial rinse and fluoride, and polishing. By managing the substances responsible for damaging oral conditions, we retain the health of your pup’s mouth. A healthy mouth supports your dog’s functions to be healthy overall. 

Think of the last time you may have had a toothache. Your pup, too, will be miserable with an aching tooth. They may eventually refrain from eating altogether and fail to get the nutrition they need. Furthermore, they may retreat from the play and activities they enjoy most. Who knows your pet better than you do? Unfortunately, pets can’t tell us exactly how they feel. 

It is a great practice to get your pet into a healthy routine that includes dental prophylaxis (cleaning) to avoid developing problems that pets can’t verbalize. Or, with our proactive approach to care, our skilled team can get your pup’s health back on track in no time. We also provide considerable guidance on products, such as chews, that cost a little but provide big payback by promoting canine dental health. 

Before & After Dental Cleanings

Before Dog Teeth Cleaning Riverview FL BEFORE
After Dog Teeth Cleaning Riverview FL AFTER

Dental prophylaxis and related preventive services are also an excellent investment in your pet’s overall health, as they:

  • Protect against damage to other parts of the body and organs – Harmful oral bacteria and inflammation can travel through the bloodstream to the liver, kidneys, and heart. Researchers have detected microscopic changes to these and other organs among dogs with untreated gum disease. 
  • Help to manage comorbidities or other chronic diseases that your pet has been diagnosed with – For instance, by reducing the risk of developing oral infections, we enhance your diabetic dog’s ability to sustain healthy blood sugar levels. 
  • Keep your pet happy and behaving like the dog you know best! Pets tend to hide their pain. What one may assume as irritability or listlessness brought on by aging may be something else entirely. That something –damage to the teeth, gums, mouth, and jaw – can be addressed promptly. You can resolve your pup’s discomfort and other symptoms. So, he can get back to his playful self again! 
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While professional oral care is a great value and investment, we appreciate that cost is an important consideration. Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital & Grooming is happy to discuss our affordable wellness plans for puppies, adult dogs, and their feline friends alike. Call us at (813) 670-8881 with questions or to schedule an appointment at our clinic in Riverview, FL.

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