New pet? Don’t forget their annual exam!

Honestly, what can be more exciting than a new pet in your household? Despite the excitement you feel, it’s important to note that pets are also a responsibility as they require diligent supervision and care. One of the first steps toward caring for your new furry family member is scheduling an annual wellness exam. Annual pet exams from Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital in Wesley Chapel, Florida, can help keep your pet in optimal health. Here’s why these exams are so important for your pup or kit. Helps detect health problems in their early stages Through an annual pet exam, our veterinarian … Continue reading

The key benefits of Preventive Care for pets

If you own a pet, you can’t go wrong with bringing them to the Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital in Wesley Chapel, Florida, for preventive care. There’s no substitute for preventive care when it comes to bolstering your pet’s health. With good health, your pet can live longer and enjoy a higher quality of life as your companion. What preventive care entails We offer a wide range of preventive care services for your dog or cat at our clinic. These include, but are not limited to: Annual wellness examsVaccinationsParasite and heartworm preventionDental exams and cleaningsAllergy and dermatology servicesNutritional and behavioral counseling and more Key … Continue reading

Routine Vet Care, the key to a healthy pet

One of the best ways to keep your pet healthy long-term is to partner with a local vet clinic for routine veterinary care. Regular visits to a vet are key to happy, healthy pets. At Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital, we’re well known for providing exceptional animal care services to pet owners in Wesley Chapel, Florida, and beyond. You can entrust our veterinarian and staff with the care of your kit or pup. Why pets need veterinary care Pets are susceptible to many of the same health problems as humans. They can develop respiratory illnesses, digestive problems, heart trouble, dermatology issues, or contract … Continue reading

Protect your dog from disease through Vaccination and Preventative Medication

Bringing home a soft, sweet little puppy is a wondrous and happy experience. Looking past the joy a puppy brings, it is important to understand that this little fuzzball now depends entirely on you for everything. Beyond ensuring your pet gets fed, bathed, and showered with attention, vaccination concerns must also be addressed.  Pet owners in the Wesley Chapel, Florida area, have been bringing their pets to the Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital for their vaccination needs. Given below is some information about canine diseases that can be prevented through vaccination. Kennel Cough (Bordetella bronchiseptica) Kennel cough is a highly contagious bacterial disease that produces … Continue reading

Protect your pet’s health with Preventative Care

Pet owners in the Wesley Chapel, Florida area, are often quick to bring their pets to a local vet, such as the Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital, for treatment when they notice their pets are ill or hurt. But what many pet owners may not know is that preventative care is just as important and is aimed to improve their pet’s health and quality of life. This can include regular vaccinations and checkups to ensure your pet stays healthy and happy for years to come. Ultimately, preventative care allows veterinarians to deliver high-quality and essential treatment to ensure a long and meaningful relationship between … Continue reading

Questions to ask in your search for a new veterinarian in your area

Becoming attached to your pet’s veterinarian can be bittersweet. While it’s great to have somebody you and your pet are comfortable with, not all relationships last forever. Maybe your veterinarian has decided to retire. Perhaps you have decided to move away. Whatever the case may be, finding someone you can trust your pet with can be difficult.  Pet owners in the Wesley Chapel, Florida area, entrust the care of their pets to the team at the Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital. If you are looking for a veterinarian to care for your pets, here are some common questions you can ask to make … Continue reading

Pet parasite testing and control protects your whole family

Just saying the word “parasite” is enough to make most people cringe. Did you know that approximately one-third of dogs in the United States have intestinal parasites of some form, and over one in ten Americans have shown evidence of infection with Toxocara, a type of roundworm? These statistics show that parasites pose a health problem to both pets and their families, but fortunately, effective prevention, testing, and treatment options are available. At Pavilion Pet Crossing in Riverview, Florida, we work closely with pet owners to help keep cat and dog parasites under control to protect the whole family. Pets at risk of parasites Parasites … Continue reading

Allergy testing for your cat or dog what to expect

If you have ever had seasonal allergies or a rash after being exposed to an allergen, you know just how uncomfortable it can be. Unfortunately, our furry friends can also suffer from these same types of allergic reactions. If your pet displays symptoms such as excessive licking, compulsive scratching, gnawing on a specific body part, or respiratory problems, allergies might be at play. At Pavilion Pet Crossing in Riverview, Florida, we offer allergy testing for cats and dogs to find the underlying cause for your pet’s symptoms and help them get relief. Potential pet allergens Pets can have allergies due … Continue reading

Why are annual exams important for your pet?

It can be hard to find time to fit in your pet’s annual exam with today’s busy schedules, especially if they seem perfectly healthy. Do you need to take them in each year? In short, the answer is a resounding yes! Annual wellness exams are not only one of the best ways to prevent illnesses in your pet but also a way to catch any new issues your dog or cat may be experiencing before they become more complex and costly to treat. At Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital in Riverview, Florida, we make annual exams convenient and comfortable for both you and … Continue reading

Pet Skin Care and How to Help Your Dog Avoid Summertime Skin Conditions

Your dog likely loves many of the same summertime activities you do. The bonds formed between you and your pet as you make wonderful outdoor memories are truly special. Basking in that summertime sun is healthy but, just like with people, your dog’s skin being exposed outside could lead to some troublesome issues or even life-threatening conditions. Hot spots, bacterial infections, external parasites (fleas and mites), and allergies to material in the air can all lead to skin problems for your dog. Those looking for a team they can trust in Riverview, Florida, go to see Dr. Keshava Eega and … Continue reading

Meet Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital

Dr. Keshava Eega
Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital

Dr. Keshava Eega moved to the United States in 2003 to further his passion for practicing high-quality and modern veterinary medicine in a challenging environment. Having graduated from the College of Veterinary Science in Hyderabad, India, he then completed his Master’s in Animal Science and the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam in 2006. Dr. Eega then completed his clinical rotations at the Louisiana State University, School of Veterinary Medicine and subsequently obtained his license to practice Veterinary Medicine in the state of Florida. Dr. Eega possesses thirteen years of experience in corporate practice in Orlando as both an Associate Veterinarian and a Lead Doctor. Through the course of his tenure, he has gained vast and widespread experience and exposure in both the practice of high-quality veterinary medicine and soft tissue surgeries. He also possesses professional interests in preventive care, senior pet care, skin cases, nutrition, behavior and wellness exams, particularly for both cats and dogs. Dr. Eega also possesses Fear Free certification which enables him to rid pets, owners and even veterinary health care teams of fear, stress, and anxiety. Hence, in the hands of Dr. Eega, you can be assured that your pet receives modern, customized care in a comfortable environment!

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