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Could you imagine what your teeth and gums would be like if left neglected for a week? How about a year? Rest assured, you’d be in big trouble regarding your oral health. Your pet’s dental hygiene demands attention just like yours, but many pet owners neglect this aspect of their pet’s health. Dr. Keshava Eega at Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital in Riverview, FL offers top quality dental care and cleaning for dogs that is guaranteed to be gentle so that your pet does not endure any physical or emotional trauma during treatment.

Dental disease

In the wild, animals such as cats and dogs would have to hunt for their food. Their prey would act as a natural source for floss and cleaning of their teeth. Since our pets are domesticated, this situation does not present itself and “prey” is not a part of their diet. Instead we feed our pets both dry and canned food as a nutritional replacement for their diet. This food does not provide our pets with the same level of oral hygiene and so most pets suffer consequences if they are not provided dental care by a vet.

When our pet’s teeth, gums and surrounding tissue become infected, this is called dental disease. It is, bar none, one of the most widespread major health issues for domesticated cats and dogs. The American Veterinary Dental Society has found that over 70 percent of cats and 80 percent of dogs, by the age of three years, are showing signs or oral disease.

Symptoms that your pet may be suffering from dental disease

Symptoms that your pet may be suffering from dental disease in Riverview FL area

It all begins with plaque. This buildup will, over time, become tartar which can then lead to formations of small pockets where your pet’s gums meet their teeth. With this separation of gum and tooth, food and bacteria can get stuck and accumulate inside the newly formed pocket. This will eventually lead to periodontal disease and, if left untreated, this bacterium can enter the bloodstream causing eventual serious health problems in the heart, lungs and kidneys for your little friend. It’s important to know the symptoms of dental disease in pets, which include:

  • Unpleasant breath
  • Swollen red gums that may (or may not) bleed
  • Salivation
  • Swelling of the face
  • Nose and/or eye discharge
  • Teeth which have come loose
  • Teeth which have started falling out
  • Your pet consistently paws at their face
  • Lethargy or inactivity
  • Depression

These are several symptoms, but not all. If you notice your pet acting outside of their norm, you should consider getting them to a vet to be checked out as there is most likely something going on that needs to be addressed, even if not dental related.

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Preventing dental disease

The key to prevention is make sure you are getting your pet into your chosen vet for regular dental cleanings and oral examinations. Dental cleanings will involve general anesthesia but is a gentle and safe process. The American Animal Hospital Association recommends these procedures occur annually starting at one year for small breeds and two years of age for large breed pets.

You can also help ensure your pet doesn’t develop dental disease at home (in addition to exams and cleanings) with gentle brushing of your pet’s teeth daily. Dental chews alone may slow the development of dental disease, but it will not prevent it.

For more information on your pet’s health, you should give Dr. Keshava Eega at Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital in Riverview, FL a call today at (813) 670-8881.

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