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Dog owners in Riverview, FL are discovering the convenience and benefits of professional dog groomer

Although many pet owners prefer to groom and care for their own dogs, there are several benefits associated with using a professional groomer. More than just time and energy saved, taking your dog to a groomer will ensure that your pet is receiving dedicated and attentive care with all the proper tools needed for a beautifully groomed dog. Dr. Keshave Eega and his staff at Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital & Grooming has been offering top quality grooming services to dog owners in the Riverview, FL area. It can take an incredible amount of care and patience to properly groom a dog, especially fluffy dogs, puppies or dogs with behavioral issues. You can rest easy knowing Dr. Eega has extensive experience handling dogs of all shapes, sizes and behaviors.

When you take your dog to a professional groomer, a session will normally consist of your dog being brushed, bathed/dried and then trimmed or clipped. The groomer should be brushing out any fur mats prior to the bath as this allows the dog to be easily lathered with shampoo. Your dog’s ears should be cleaned and checked for any infection. Once your dog is dry, they will be trimmed, clipped or shaved if needed/requested. It’s important to communicate any special requests clearly to the groomer to ensure quality results. Nails should also be clipped. This all sounds like things you could do yourself from home, but here are several benefits to leaving these tasks to a professional.

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Groomers Have the Proper Equipment/Tools

When you choose to groom at home, you will have to use your own scissors and electric razors. Often, these tools are not meant for animal grooming. When you go to a professional groomer, they will have all the proper tools necessary to have your dog looking their very best. From different types of clippers to an adjustable grooming table, these are just a few pieces of equipment that a groomer will have on site. Additionally, a groomer will have the proper shampoos (for skin allergies, flea & tick treatment, skunk smell removal, etc.)  needed for a great wash.

Easy to Schedule

Scheduling a grooming session is incredibly easy. This makes it easy drop off your dog and to pick it up upon completion.

Groomers Will Handle The Yucky Stuff

Even if you feel comfortable grooming your dog at home, there are additional tasks that need to be performed which a professional grooming service is very adept at handling. This includes cleaning the anal glands of your dog, shampooing a dog which has been sprayed by a skunk or removing ticks and fleas from your dog’s skin and fur. These are not pleasant tasks to handle yourself, so letting a groomer who is used to this can be incredibly helpful.

Great at Handling Dogs

Great at Handling Dogs in Riverview FL area

Dogs who have reached an advanced age or those who are especially anxious or aggressive will often require special attention. Some dogs fitting this description may even need sedation, which cannot be done at home while a veterinarian or groomer can. Due to their expertise, a groomer may notice an injury on a dog that had gone unnoticed until then. As a pet owner, you may have physical restrictions that don’t allow you to properly care for your dogs grooming needs. Issues can include chronic back pain or arthritis. There is no need to stress over these physical limitations when you take your dog to a groomer.

For many pet owners, a dog groomer not only offers unbeatable convenience, but also necessary assistance when it comes to cleaning and grooming a beloved pet. Dr. Keshave Eega and his staff at Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital & Grooming have become incredibly respected among the local community for their dog grooming services. To learn more about services offered or to have any questions answered, please call (813) 670-8881.

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