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To many of us, our pets are considered members of our family and we want to make sure that they receive as good of care as possible. Sometimes though, the cost can be substantial. Due to this, pet care can be neglected because our dog or cat appears to be healthy. Preventative care and exams are just as important for our pets as having them looked at once they appear ill. In many cases, a pet may have been ill for quite awhile before even showing any signs. Dr. Keshava Eega at Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital in Riverview, FL offers pet wellness plans which can help with the cost associated with animal care.

Wellness plans

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When you bring home your brand-new puppy or kitten, you are gearing up for a happy life-long relationship with them. To make that a reality, their health must always be taken seriously. Animal care, for many, can become a cost that is hard to cover. From the time they are newborn, our pets all deserve the best in quality and preventative care. A wellness plan not only will help take the guess work out of what is best for your pet but will keep long-term costs down as well.

A pet wellness plan offers an array of preventative care benefits that can improve your pet’s quality of life. A wellness plan makes this care simple and will ensure that your pet is receiving the personalized care they need as they progress through all stages of life. Even still, many pet owners may be on the fence about joining such a plan through their veterinarian. If you are not sure about enrolling into such a plan for your pets, please consider the following benefits such a plan may include.

Comprehensive exams

Our pets age at an incredibly rapid pace when compared to a human. For each human year, a dog or cat will age anywhere from six to ten years in comparison. This makes regular comprehensive checkups incredibly important. Household pets should typically receive two per year. A pet wellness plan, paid monthly, could very well include unlimited free visits and exams (you’ll need to check with your specific vet) so getting your pet in for these twice-yearly exams is made much easier. These exams are incredibly important to detect any health issues early so that your pet can receive the care necessary before an issue has the chance to become something worse.

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Preventative care

When enrolled in a wellness plan, preventative care will most often be offered at a reduced cost to those not part of a plan. You’ll need to check with your vet to see exactly what all is covered but many plans will cover routine blood work, vaccines, deworming, fecal exams and more. Preventative care keeps your pet healthy and allows for early detection of any diseases. When problems are detected early, treatment options will be more numerous and will offer greater success in treatment. The last thing you want is a nasty surprise regarding your pet’s health, so making sure they receive the preventative care they need is important.

Dental care

Did you know that untreated dental issues are not only a danger to your pet’s teeth and gums, but could also lead to issues such as heart and kidney disease? It’s true that, when left untreated, dental issues pose a far greater danger to our pets than most of us realize. It’s not just bad breath and gingivitis. Many wellness plans (again, check with your vet to see what is offered) will include some form of dental cleaning for your pet to keep those teeth and gums healthy and clean.

If you are interested in enrolling your beloved pet into a wellness plan to make sure they are getting the care they need at a cost that is affordable to you, please give Dr. Keshava Eega at Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital in Riverview, FL a call today at (813) 670-8881.

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