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Pet owners in the Wesley Chapel, Florida area, are often quick to bring their pets to a local vet, such as the Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital, for treatment when they notice their pets are ill or hurt. But what many pet owners may not know is that preventative care is just as important and is aimed to improve their pet’s health and quality of life. This can include regular vaccinations and checkups to ensure your pet stays healthy and happy for years to come. Ultimately, preventative care allows veterinarians to deliver high-quality and essential treatment to ensure a long and meaningful relationship between you and your pet.

Information for your veterinarian

When you bring your pet in for an examination and any necessary vaccinations, you must provide as much information as possible about your pet. Let’s specifically look at dogs here. When you bring your dog in, vaccination requirements may differ if your dog mostly stays indoors versus an outside or hunting dog. Is your dog often exposed to bodies of water where waterborne parasites may live? This is important to consider as vaccinations may vary depending on the lifestyle of your dog.

Preventative care recommendations

Pets who regularly stay outdoors may be at a higher risk for certain diseases, which can be prevented through vaccines. Outdoor pets will likely require a more comprehensive vaccination plan than a pet who remains at home where there is less exposure to possible dangers. Ear cleaners may be necessary for dogs who swim a lot or go out hunting and have to cross bodies of water where an ear infection becomes more likely. Ear cleaners are a form of preventative care that can prevent this type of issue.

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Preventative care is any form of care that will prevent disease. Examinations, vaccinations, and parasite prevention are common preventative measures often prescribed for indoor and outdoor pets. 

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