The advantages to spaying and neutering your pet at animal hospital in Riverview, FL

For many pet owners who are considering adopting or purchasing a cat or dog, one of the most crucial decisions that will be made is whether it will be spayed or neutered. The process of spaying your female pet to remove the ovaries and uterus requires minimal hospitalization while offering lifelong benefits. Neutering, the act of removing the testicles from your male pet, offers its own benefits including improved behavior. Dr. Keshava Eega at Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital in Riverview, FL is here to spay and neuter your pets in a very safe and effective environment.

Spaying and neutering your pets offer incredible benefits, some of which you may not even realize or associate with these procedures.

Advantages of spaying your female pet

  • Heat cycles, which can occur once every three weeks and last four to five days at a time, are non-existent, eliminating male attraction
  • A decreased desire to roam, keeping your pet close to home (if outdoors)
  • When spayed before their first cycle, there is a greatly decreased risk of ovarian/uterine cancer and mammary gland tumors, which can be fatal in around 90 percent of cats and 50 percent of dogs
  • Eliminates the risk of pregnancy and the number of unwanted newborn animals
  • An overall increase in your pet’s quality and length of life
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Advantages of neutering your male pet

  • Reduces the risk of your male pet needing to mark his territory both outside and inside
  • Reduces the desire to roam, resulting in decreased risk of injury in a fight or running into traffic
  • A decreased risk of prostate disease and the elimination of the risk for testicular cancer
  • As with spaying, the chance of unwanted extra pets through pregnancy is eliminated
  • Aggressive behavior is toned down exponentially, including the chance of your dog biting
  • An overall increase in your pet’s quality and length of life

In addition to the reasons listed, spaying and neutering will improve your animal’s overall behavior and is incredibly cost-effective (especially when compared to the cost of maintaining a litter of babies). Spaying or neutering your pet offers so many benefits that, unless you are going to use them for intentional breeding, you really have no reason to not have the procedure done.

Additional reasons for spaying/neutering

Additional reasons for spaying/neutering in Riverview FL area

In addition to the benefits the procedures directly offer your pets, there are some other reasons that you should, at the very least, consider having them spayed or neutered.

  • Animal overpopulation is a huge problem not just in the United States, but worldwide. This results in stray animals that have to be euthanized or suffer without somebody to care for them. In the United States alone, dogs outnumber humans 15 to 1 and cats (an astounding) 45 to 1.
  • Your community will see great benefits from a decrease in unwanted animals on the loose. Stray pets are, to be bluntly honest, a public nuisance. They defecate in parks and streets, ruin foliage and other plants, can frighten children, lead to automobile accidents and (in some cases) even kill other domesticated pets and livestock.

Clinics and vouchers

Even if you do not go directly through your personal veterinarian, there are clinics that specialize in spaying and neutering pets at a low cost. They do these procedures at a high volume and are incredibly experienced in performing them safely. In addition, for those who cannot afford it, there could be voucher programs available to low-income pet owners due to the overall public good that controlling the pet population results in.

For those in the Riverview, Fl area, please consider Dr. Keshava Eega at Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital. Dr. Keshava Eega is here to spay and neuter your pets in a very safe and effective environment.

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