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When it comes to choosing a veterinarian for your pet, it’s important that you choose well. Your pet is not just a piece of property after all. Your pet is a companion and member of the family just as any other member of your household. Dr. Keshav Eega would love to welcome you and your pet to Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital & Grooming in Riverview, FL. Pavilion Crossing offers safe & effective veterinary & pet wellness services including:

Choosing a veterinarian to trust with your pets is something that should be carefully considered. When you choose a veterinarian, you are picking somebody who will be tasked with helping keep your pets healthy and may even need to save their life someday in a critical situation. Here are some considerations that you should keep in mind when choosing a veterinarian.

Word of Mouth

Getting personal recommendations is a great first step in your search for the right veterinarian. Asking friends and family for recommendations will help you form an opinion about various options before you do any research yourself.

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Specialized Care

Not all veterinarians are created equal. Some veterinarians have the skill to treat a wide array of animals and pets while some may be focus on more specialized care. An animal hospital in the city is more likely to have the skill to treat the garden variety pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. while a doctor in a rural area may be more adept in treating farm animals such as horses and cows. The best thing you can do is ask any vets you are looking into what types of animals they are equipped to treat.


Many people just assume that a practicing veterinarian and his/her staff have the proper licensing to practice in their given state/locality. This is not always the case. Make sure that any veterinarian you are considering is properly licensed and that the staff are appropriately licensed as well. You can even ask for them to show you physical proof of any licensing which will typically come from a state board of veterinary medicine.

The Right Approach

A veterinarian’s sole job is not just to administer medication to your pet, but to provide care for your pet’s whole being. Veterinarians may receive similar training as they pursue their various degrees and licensing, but that does not mean they all take the same approach to treatment. It’s important that your vet and you are on the same page when it comes to treating and caring for your pet, so make sure and ask questions to learn about a vet’s approach to care and medicating practices.

Cost and Location

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When an emergency occurs, you need your pet to receive prompt treatment. You need a vet’s office to be nearby so that you can get your pet there as quickly as possible. This is something to consider when choosing a veterinarian. Also, vets all charge different amounts. Some may offer payment plans while others do not. You should inquire about this to make sure they fit within your budges.


Would you take a loved one to a hospital that looks dingy or dirty? Of course not! Then why should you settle when it comes to a facility that your pet will be brought into. Make sure and ask for a tour of any facility that you may be considering for animal care. If there are signs that the facility if poorly cared for, it’s probably best to move on.

Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital & Grooming would love for you to consider them for your pet’s needs. They offer a top-notch, state of the art facility that you will feel very comfortable bring your pets into. They are available to answer any questions you may have and would love to hear from you. Please call (813) 670-8881 today!

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Dr. Keshava Eega moved to the United States in 2003 to further his passion for practicing high-quality and modern veterinary medicine in a challenging environment. Having graduated from the College of Veterinary Science in Hyderabad, India, he then completed his Master’s in Animal Science and the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam in 2006. Dr. Eega then completed his clinical rotations at the Louisiana State University, School of Veterinary Medicine and subsequently obtained his license to practice Veterinary Medicine in the state of Florida. Dr. Eega possesses thirteen years of experience in corporate practice in Orlando as both an Associate Veterinarian and a Lead Doctor. Through the course of his tenure, he has gained vast and widespread experience and exposure in both the practice of high-quality veterinary medicine and soft tissue surgeries. He also possesses professional interests in preventive care, senior pet care, skin cases, nutrition, behavior and wellness exams, particularly for both cats and dogs. Dr. Eega also possesses Fear Free certification which enables him to rid pets, owners and even veterinary health care teams of fear, stress, and anxiety. Hence, in the hands of Dr. Eega, you can be assured that your pet receives modern, customized care in a comfortable environment!

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