Wellness Plans for Adult Cats

Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital offers you a choice of three Wellness Plans for complete care for your Cat – Basic, Standard or Premium.

Bi- annual Comprehensive Physical Exam:
A Comprehensive Physical Exam will be performed every 6 months by our veterinarian, from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail, to gather important baseline information on the health of your pet.
Vaccinations: All core vaccinations recommended by the AAHA/AVMA include FVRCP(1x), Feline Leukemia (1x) and Rabies (1x)
Parasite Screening and Deworming:
This includes Fecal exam (2x) and Deworming (2x)
Baseline Diagnostics:
Our Wellness Plan includes Serum biochemistry profile (1x) to check internal organ function, and complete Blood Cell Count (1x).
Urinalysis Package:
Our Urinalysis (1x) package includes urine dipstick exam, Specific Gravity, and Sediment exam
Dental Prophylaxis Package (1x):
This package includes a general exam before anesthesia, pre-anesthesia lab work, oral exam under anesthesia, gross calculus removal, subgingival (below the gum line) scaling, teeth polishing, irrigation, fluoride treatment application and post cleaning home care instructions. Also included is a free follow up appointment to see how well you are performing with home care.
Radiology Package (1x):
This package includes 3 views of x-rays based on your pet’s medical needs.
Unlimited Free Office Visits:
Our Wellness Plans include unlimited free office visits to cover any concerns you have on your pet’s health. Call us and make a prior appointment with your veterinarian for a checkup.
When your cat needs any other medical services not included in our plan, Pawdicure (nail trim), anal gland expression.
We offer a discount on any other medical services that your cat may need and which are not included in our wellness plan, such as Pawdicure (nail trim), and anal gland expression.

Please read our Wellness Plan Maintenance Agreement for full details, including the cancellation policy.

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