Protect your pet’s hair, skin, and nails to support their overall health

Dr. Keshava Eega takes a special interest in wellness exams and preventive care. Our dermatology services at Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital & Grooming in Riverview, Florida, support your pet’s sustained health and wellness. 

The health of the skin, hair, and nails is linked to dogs’ and cats’ overall health and quality of life in several ways: 

  • The skin is your pet’s largest organ. It helps to regulate their body temperature, protect internal organs, and aid in their ability to feel pain and other sensations. When the skin is damaged, it affects your pet’s comfort. It also makes them vulnerable to complications that can affect other parts of their body; for instance, failure to properly treat or manage allergic skin conditions can result in excessive itching. Intense scratching may cause open sores. These sores are fertile breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi, which puts pets at increased risk of developing secondary infections. 
  • Your pet’s hair, fur, and whiskers also support a variety of essential functions, from protecting the skin against the elements to communicating (through scent chemicals) with other animals and aiding in tracking behaviors and balance. So, a shiny coat is about so much more than just ensuring your dog or cat looks “best of breed” and feels nice and soft when you pet them. For example, matted and otherwise unkempt hair can irritate the skin, restrict airflow (and lead to infections), and may be downright painful. Plus, overgrown and knotted fur and hair hide potential problems that need to be resolved promptly, such as the presence of fleas, ticks, and other pests. 
  • No one likes getting scratched by overgrown nails. However, nails that are not clipped properly or consistently are also a big health concern for your pet. Since they aid in proper balance and movement, nails that are neglected can interfere with a healthy gait and may even strain the leg muscles and ligaments. Pets may have difficulty walking, let alone running. They may avoid once-loved activities, and play will no longer be as enjoyable. 
  • The skin, hair, and nails also tell Dr. Eega a great deal about your pet’s health in general. So, in addition to affecting or influencing the overall wellness and well-being of your dog or cat, this bodily system also reflects what is going on inside – the health and condition of their internal organs. For instance, a dull coat may indicate that your pet’s diet needs adjustment. Their current food may not be supplying them with the fatty acids that they need. Additionally, everything from hair loss to chronic skin infections can indicate conditions ranging from thyroid and hormone problems to diabetes. 
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By regularly assessing the condition of your pet’s hair, skin, and nails and intervening as necessary, we help to sustain their overall health and well-being. As needed, Dr. Eega provides guidance on nutrition, prescribes oral medications and medicated products (like shampoos), and gets your pet on a schedule of proper parasite control and grooming performed by one of our skilled and talented professionals. 

Therapeutic options are as varied as the many dermatology conditions that can affect your pet and are partly based on the results from allergy testing and other diagnostic services available on-site at Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital & Grooming. Call (813) 670-8881 to schedule an appointment at our office in Riverview, FL.

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Dr. Keshava Eega moved to the United States in 2003 to further his passion for practicing high-quality and modern veterinary medicine in a challenging environment. Having graduated from the College of Veterinary Science in Hyderabad, India, he then completed his Master’s in Animal Science and the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam in 2006. Dr. Eega then completed his clinical rotations at the Louisiana State University, School of Veterinary Medicine and subsequently obtained his license to practice Veterinary Medicine in the state of Florida. Dr. Eega possesses thirteen years of experience in corporate practice in Orlando as both an Associate Veterinarian and a Lead Doctor. Through the course of his tenure, he has gained vast and widespread experience and exposure in both the practice of high-quality veterinary medicine and soft tissue surgeries. He also possesses professional interests in preventive care, senior pet care, skin cases, nutrition, behavior and wellness exams, particularly for both cats and dogs. Dr. Eega also possesses Fear Free certification which enables him to rid pets, owners and even veterinary health care teams of fear, stress, and anxiety. Hence, in the hands of Dr. Eega, you can be assured that your pet receives modern, customized care in a comfortable environment!

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