Disease-fighting vaccinations protect the health of our pets, support the health of our community

Vaccines play an essential role in the health of the human members of your household and your animal companions. They are also fundamental to the health of the communities we call “home” in and around Riverview, Brandon, Tampa Bay, and Wesley Chapel, Florida. 

As both a vaccine clinic and provider of trusted, comprehensive services for your dog and cat, Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital & Grooming gets your pet into a healthy routine of regular wellness visits. No visit would be complete without providing the appropriate vaccines (“shots”) as needed to protect your pet from potentially deadly disease-causing pathogens. Vaccinations accomplish this by stimulating an immune response safely. In turn, by getting your pet “immunized,” you are strengthening their natural defenses against viruses, bacteria, and other invaders responsible for serious diseases. You are also doing your part to prevent the spread of disease in the community, to other pets and animals, and even to people (as “zoonotic” illnesses).

Our veterinarian, Dr. Keshava Eega, takes a special interest in and is adept at providing quality wellness and preventive care. Dr. Eega will adeptly tailor a vaccine schedule and program around your pet’s specific needs. Factors that are considered include:

  • Species – Dogs and cats have different risk factors and needs.
  • Lifestyle – Some vaccines may be necessary for your pet and not for others of the same species, age, and health status due to their risk exposure as active, outdoor dogs, for instance.
  • Age – Younger pets generally get booster shots periodically at intervals recommended by our vet and then are revaccinated less frequently after a certain age. 
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Of course, we also account for your dog’s or cat’s current health status and the presence of active diseases, as well as the unique characteristics of the vaccine when recommending a vaccine schedule and administering respective vaccines. So, bear in mind that the following schedules and list of core vaccines for our canine and feline friends are generalizations: 

  • At first, puppies and kittens get shots every three to four weeks.
  • Later, older dogs and cats will be revaccinated against certain pathogens and diseases every few years.
  • We account for considerations such as the duration of protection associated with each dose of the vaccine.
  • Most pets should be immunized against rabies, DAPP (Distemper, Adenovirus-2, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza), Feline Panleukopenia, Feline Herpesvirus-1, Feline Calicivirus, and Feline Leukemia.
  • The above list represents “core” vaccines. Additional non-core vaccines may be recommended based on environmental and other factors that increase your pet’s risk of exposure to specific pathogenic threats.

Call (813) 670-8881 to schedule your pet’s wellness exam today at Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital & Grooming. Our Riverview, FL, clinic proudly provides in-house wellness plans for kittens, puppies, and adult dogs and cats. It has never been easier and more affordable to keep your pet their healthy, purring, and tail-wagging best. 

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Dr. Keshava Eega moved to the United States in 2003 to further his passion for practicing high-quality and modern veterinary medicine in a challenging environment. Having graduated from the College of Veterinary Science in Hyderabad, India, he then completed his Master’s in Animal Science and the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam in 2006. Dr. Eega then completed his clinical rotations at the Louisiana State University, School of Veterinary Medicine and subsequently obtained his license to practice Veterinary Medicine in the state of Florida. Dr. Eega possesses thirteen years of experience in corporate practice in Orlando as both an Associate Veterinarian and a Lead Doctor. Through the course of his tenure, he has gained vast and widespread experience and exposure in both the practice of high-quality veterinary medicine and soft tissue surgeries. He also possesses professional interests in preventive care, senior pet care, skin cases, nutrition, behavior and wellness exams, particularly for both cats and dogs. Dr. Eega also possesses Fear Free certification which enables him to rid pets, owners and even veterinary health care teams of fear, stress, and anxiety. Hence, in the hands of Dr. Eega, you can be assured that your pet receives modern, customized care in a comfortable environment!

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