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Animals, particularly dogs, and cats, develop itchy skin and allergies regularly. However, as humans, we don’t regularly see all the symptoms because animal fur tends to cover things until the allergic reactions become really severe, such as scabbing, extreme flaking, and open wounds that become infected. Fortunately, even when discovered later, there is a lot that a vet can do in Riverview, FL, to calm down a pet’s allergies as well as providing treatment for their health system to recover and get back to normal again.

Pet Allergies Are Different

Pets don’t typically show their allergies the way humans do. Usually, humans realize the first trigger of an allergy with sinus flare-ups, skin hives, or eye irritation. On the other hand, dogs and cats reflect their allergies through either digestion problems, skin reactions, or both. For dogs, in particular, most of the mast cells that react to allergies are in their skin, not their nose. As humans, we see these problems as a deterioration of the animal’s fur quality, itching and flaking spots, loss of fur, or digestion problems from both ends. Chronic ear issues are common, as well.

Various Treatments are Possible

For dogs, canine skin allergies are technically known as canine atopic dermatitis. The key aspect is the ‘-itis’ at the end of the condition name, which means inflammation. The allergy can be triggered by:

  • A sensitivity
  • Giving the dog the wrong food
  • An age change
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A veterinarian can test and evaluate to pin down the allergy type and probable source. Treatment can be provided that both reduce the inflammation as well helps the dog’s system recover again. This can include medicated swabs and paths, treatment of antihistamines, antibiotics or antifungals, supplements, and even flea-control treatments (fleas cause allergies). In severe cases, additional aids can be issued, such as cortisone-based prescriptions. Even then, the itchy skin treatment cost is minimal compared to what happens with infections.

At Pavilion Crossing Animal Hospital & Grooming in Riverview, FL, we can help you take control of your pet’s allergies again. Dr. Keshava Eega deals with all types of pet allergies, including various cat and dog conditions. We have both in-office treatments as well as take-home applications for all breeds. Call us at (813) 670-8881 to set up an appointment and give your furry friend some welcome relief!

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